How We Work

At AGHR we understand every business has different needs. With our understanding of your business, we look at your current practice, identify areas of risk, improvements that could be made and opportunities to take advantage of. We work with you to determine the level of support needed.

Our HR services are offered partially or fully outsourced, on a  subscription basis invoiced monthly or annually. We support you as a presence in your business or behind the scenes.

AGHR as your partner will ensure your HR needs are met with compliance and industry best practice by assisting with the following:

Employee Selection
Job Analysis
Position Descriptions
Screening Applicants
Visa Checking
Reference Checking

Human Resource Basics
Policies and Procedures
Forms and Correspondence
Workplace Practices
Employee Handbook
Leave Provisions
HR Administration

Workplace Health and Safety
Management Plan
Policies and Procedures
Safety Induction
Job Safety Analysis
Safe Work Procedures
Incident Reporting and Investigation
Work Cover and Return to Work

Performance Management
Probation Reviews
Exit Interviews
Employee Surveys
Salary Reviews and Benchmarking
Managing Non-Performance
Disciplinary Process
Performance Appraisal
Succession Planning

Contracts and Agreements
Managing Grievances
Workplace Investigations
Fair Work Representation and Mediation